Project 2 is a people-based company, we care about your projects and always give our best to support you in achieving your goals.
Mario Sivilotti
President Project 2 & CEO Ateko 4.0
Guido Colombino
CEO Project 2 & President Ateko 4.0
Agostino Dell'Oste
Supervisor & Assembly Manager
Patrizia Polentarutti
Administration Office
Milena Cristin
Head of Accounting Office
Andrea Sedran
Technical Designer
Mike Maceroni
Sales Office - Team & Logistics Manager
Fabrizio Ciliento
Sales Office - Sales Manager Trade Fairs & Showroom
John Masotti
Technical Manager [Letter A-DM 37/2008].
Manolo Rugo
Head of Technical Office
Umberto Buoro
Sales Office - Sales Manager Fairs & GDO
Marco Colombino
Production Manager Kat System
Mattia Sivilotti
Production Manager
Francesco Colombino
Sales Office - Head of Ateko 4.0
Irene Pasquini
Technical Designer
Paolo Crozzoli
Commercial Office - Project Manager Ateko 4.0
Giuseppe Blandino
Quality, Safety, Environment
Production Team P2
Production department