The company management of Progetto 2 S.r.l. aims to provide organisational, instrumental and economic resources with the objective of continuously improving health and safety in the workplace and the environmental and quality management system.
In order for these objectives to be achieved, the Management is committed to maintaining an Integrated Management System (IMS) compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI ISO 45001:2018 standards as an integral part of its working organisation.

Management is committed to addressing the safety, environmental and quality aspects of all existing company activities and future planning as relevant aspects of its activities both at the headquarters and at external sites.

It also undertakes to organise the entire company structure, from the employer, supervisors, emergency management personnel, employees, interested third parties, in such a way that all are involved according to their responsibilities and competences, in order to achieve the assigned objectives.
The company management is committed to:
- Prevent accidents and occupational diseases, provide healthy and safe working conditions and eliminate hazards and reduce risks;
- Protect the environment, prevent pollution, reduce the use of raw materials;
- Prioritise compliance with applicable requirements and compliance obligations;
- That all workers are trained, informed and sensitised to carry out their assigned tasks with respect for safety, the environment and as required;
- Define and disseminate objectives within the company;
- That the entire company structure participates, according to its attributions and competences, in the achievement of the assigned objectives;
- Designing products, organising workplaces, defining operating methods and organisational aspects so as to safeguard the health of workers, the environment and the community in which the company operates;
- Respond quickly and effectively to needs arising in the course of work activities;
- Promote consultation and participation of workers and their representatives;
- Periodically review the SG's Policy, Objectives and Implementation in order to achieve continuous improvement of the management system, the level of occupational health and safety, environmental protection and product quality.

Carpacco, 30 April 2019